What is Extend Web Services?

Extend Web Services was developed in August of 2007 to meet the website needs of Pregnancy Help Centers. We realized the need to make sure that Pregnancy Help Centers had a web presence while providing accurate and up to date information regarding the most important topics. We have utilized the expertise of Heartbeat International's Medical and Legal Advisory Board with the talents and skills of our Web Administrative staff to provide Pregnancy Help Centers with professional and accurate websites.

Why Extend Web Services?

We realize that you have more important work to do than design a new web page or troubleshoot a web program. Extend Web Services sets you free to focus on your core mission while still giving you the strong online presence your clients need. Don't spend thousands of dollars creating a website. Through Extend Web Services, you can have a high-impact client website with minimal investment.

Our team has many years of experience designing and developing websites. We are experts at making sure your website is attracting the abortion-minded client and representing your center in a way that will make your clients feel comfortable with the service they will receive. Most importantly, we have a passion for this movement and we are answering the call of God on our lives by providing this service to you!

Extend Web Services has different website packages for you to choose from:

  • Essentials - Client Website  - The Essentials package is for those with a very tight budget but need an online presence.
  • Exceptional - Client Website - The goal for this package is to engage a woman who may be at-risk for abortion and connect her with a pregnancy help organization, who can continue the process of providing honest, compassionate support in the context of a caring, personal relationship.

    In other words, we view a client-facing website as an effective gateway for a woman to enter through and find real-time, face-to-face help.

  • Executive - Donor/Supporter Website - The Executive package focuses on a special part of your team, your donors. This group of people wants to support you, and get to know your organization. This website gives you the stage to present your mission, vision, how you are helping the community, and whatever else you may want to share. Your donors might initially be only donors but soon they will become LIFE friends.

  • Enterprise - Client and Donor Website - The Enterprise package combines the features and content of client and donor websites. When first accessing the site it is client focused, the donor information is accessible from the navigation menu.