Be Informed – Accurate Medical Content for Your Organization

In a recent blog, highlighting the benefits of being an Extend customer, we discussed our Be Informed pages. These pages provide accurate, up-to-date, and relevant medical content to connect with your clients online. Being powered by Heartbeat International allows us to take advantage of the expertise of their medical...

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Website Basics

Your website is one of the center pieces of your marketing strategy – So let’s touch on some website basics that will strengthen your website and make sure you are offering a welcoming experience for your audience as a Pregnancy Help Organization.    Logo/Colors: Make sure...

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Top 4 Benefits of Option Line

Last year we did an interview with Nafisa, Director of Option Line, to give you more information about Option Line. Then in January we covered the top 5 benefits of choosing Extend Web Services, one of those benefits being that our websites come with the Option Line Live...

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What Are You Currently Doing?

An important part of our conversations with centers when speaking with them are their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their marketing plan. What are you currently doing? What do you do well in house? What are the weaker areas that you know you are...

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Top 5 Benefits of Extend Web Services

It is such a privilege to speak with our customers every day and serve you as you serve your clients, their families, and your supporters. Today, I want to go over the five top benefits of using Extend Web Services for your pregnancy help digital marketing...

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New Year, New Website?

Happy New Year!  We are so excited for all that 2024 will bring to the pregnancy help community. Each January brings a fresh start in many areas of our lives - it could also mean a fresh website design for you as well. Did you know? Every...

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Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level!

We’ve all been there. We visit a site or search for a product and suddenly it feels like we’re being followed around the internet by similar sites and products beckoning us to “click here” and “buy now." While this may feel a little odd, even slightly creepy, did it make you click?

Targeted Display Advertising is a type of digital marketing that targets potential customers or clients based on a large set of variables, such as demographics, keywords, online habits, and interests. 

While most of us have become accustomed to this type of marketing, many pregnancy help organizations have yet to take a leap into Targeted Display Advertising. Perhaps you have a website with excellent SEO, you may have a blog where you regularly post content. You may have taken things one step further and created a successful Google Ads Campaign. Targeted Display Advertising takes all these efforts and bolsters your digital marketing to the next level.

When a potential client visits your website, it’s a win. However, when she clicks away without deciding to take action it can feel like a loss. Targeted Display Ads are designed to stay in front of her even after she clicks away. This repeat messaging increases the likelihood of potential clients returning to your site and acting, transforming them into actual client. 

Targeted Display Ads also use search retargeting. A woman searching for certain keywords or phrases will be targeted by your ads based on search volume and relevance to your campaign.

Targeted Display Ads are not limited to physical locations like other advertising tactics. If a woman is searching for the abortion pill, she can be reached by your ads without visiting an abortion business or leaving her own home.

Digital marketing may seem expensive, but the return on your investment is worth it.  It is an innovative and effective ways to reach more at-risk women in their greatest hours of need so you can provide help and hope to empower them to choose life!

We'd love to chat with you more about this exciting new product from Extend. Please click the button below to connect with our team and start reaching more women searching for help today! 

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How to Reach Us at Extend

We hope you all had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving last week! It’s hard to believe Christmas is just a few weeks away. At Extend Web Services, we know just how busy this time of year can be, so we want to make sure you know...

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Helpful or Not? Which Tools Should Be on My Site?

Fall is here! Can you believe it? It seems like summer just started. As we move into fall and toward the holiday season, many of you will have new content and events for the Extend team to add to your websites. We thought it was a...

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Jenn's Question of the Month: Google Ads or Google My Business?

Happy September! I don’t know about you, but the chatter of Thanksgiving and Christmas is already around me.  This month I want to focus on two specific areas that are crucial to your marketing plan – Google Ads and Google My Business.  There are so many different...

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Jenn’s Question of the Month: Why Does Social Media Matter?

As we wrap up the summer months (and by the way, where has summer gone?), it is great to have you here! This month I want to touch on the topic of social media and why this piece of your marketing strategy is so important. Did...

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Jenn’s Question of the month: Is your website empowering women?

And just like that, it is already July! And we are back to another Jenn’s question of the month. Where I cover commonly asked questions that pop up when chatting marketing strategies with pregnancy help organizations around the country.  Something we speak to quite often is...

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Community Engagement as a Marketing Strategy

Have you considered how community engagement can be part of your Pregnancy Help Organization marketing strategy? Both community engagement online and reaching out within your community are important pieces of your marketing strategy. Community Engagement with Supporters What are your supporters looking for when they seek to...

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Jenn's Question of the Month - Where do I begin when it comes to marketing?

Happy Summer! I hope this blog finds you doing great!! A topic that comes up quite often when I am chatting with different pregnancy help organizations is – Where do I begin when it comes to marketing? And assuming you have gotten past the point of...

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5 Reasons You Need Video on Your Site!

The average internet user will spend nearly seven hours per week watching videos online and Millennials tend to hit 10-20 hours of video viewing each week.In 2022, 82% of internet traffic came from video streaming and downloads. (Shepherd, 2023) With all this video content being created, consumed, and...

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Why Have a Blog on my Client Website?

Do you feel like you are always strategizing more ways to bring clients into your center? Or maybe you have some additional content you would like to include on your client site but don’t know where it should go. If you do not already have a...

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Do you remember the last time you updated your website?

Jenn here! Question for you: Do you remember the last time you updated your website?  Maybe you just updated your website, and you tend to it daily (or as often as you can) to boost search results. Or, possibly it has been a few years and...

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Social Media and You!

This week I spoke with Brooklyn Tizzano, our Extend Web Services Digital Marketing Specialist, about Pregnancy Help Centers having a social media presence. Here is what she had to say in response to my questions.   Is it important for pregnancy centers to have both a...

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Jenn's Question of the Month: What should I include on my supporter site?

Happy Spring! This month I will be following up with my blog from last month (What do I need to include on my Client-Focused Website) to touch on recommendations of important items to include on your supporter-focused website.  What should I include on my supporter-focused website...

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Why should I have the Pregnancy Test Quiz on my Client Website?

This dynamic pregnancy test quiz is used by Heartbeat International’s Option Line to connect with clients who think they may be pregnant and want to learn more about the symptoms they are experiencing. The quiz has been tested and refined to create an engaging experience and...

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More Than a Feeling?

Does your center have a brand?   Creating a brand for your center is one of the most important components to your marketing plan only second to knowing your client or audience.    Your brand should include certain guidelines, such as, logo formats, fonts, colors, voice,...

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Option Line – 24/7/365 Help for Your Clients

This week I talked with Director of Option Line, Nafisa Kennedy, about some of the questions you may have about choosing to have the Option Line phone number and chat on your websites.    Why should I have the Option Line chat and phone number on...

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Jenn's Question of the Month: What do I need to include on my client-focused website?

Jenn here! Welcome back to another edition of Jenn’s Question of the Month, where I will cover a commonly asked question that we get from those throughout the pregnancy help community. Last month was focused on the importance of a Pregnancy Help Organization having two separate websites for...

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Why Give Your Marketing Strategy a Year?

Client Traffic Fluctuations and Your Marketing Strategy  My name is Jennifer Ellis. Don’t be confused! Yes, there are two Jennifers at Extend. Jennifer (Jenn) Breymaier is your Sales and Customer Service Specialist, and I am your Customer Support Specialist with Extend Web Services. You may see...

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Marketing in 2023 - What you need to know.

The second half of 2022 brought significant changes to the prolife movement and pregnancy help community. Nearly every facet of the lifesaving work happening across our nation and around the world had been affected and the realm of digital marketing is no exception.   The most notable...

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Jenn’s Question of the Month: Why have two separate websites?

My name is Jennifer Breymaier and I am with the Extend Team here at Heartbeat International. I have been with Extend for almost five years and I truly love working with each of you every day, partnering with you and doing all that we can to...

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Abortion Information: Should I Have It on my Client Website?

In response to the Dobbs decision that reversed Roe v. Wade, we have had many centers contacting us about the abortion information they have on the Be Informed pages of their websites. Some states have completely banned abortion in light of the decision, while in other states, it is still legal within certain...

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Defending Your Online Reputation

This past week has seen the Pregnancy Help Community placed under attack once again by pro-abortion activists. Masking their slanderous campaign as an attempt to “end the deception” of what they have labeled as “predatory fake abortion clinics”, a small group of activists has called their...

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