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Jenn’s Question of the Month: Why Does Social Media Matter?


As we wrap up the summer months (and by the way, where has summer gone?), it is great to have you here!

This month I want to touch on the topic of social media and why this piece of your marketing strategy is so important.

Did you know: TikTok has surpassed Google as the top search engine for Gen Z? Social Media matters! 

You might have a staff member, a volunteer, or contracted help to assist with your social media – and any of these options are great! Having an established, consistent presence on social media is a key component in your marketing plan and will help you connect with your audience. 

Here’s why...

Who is your target audience? How does your target audience connect with others? What do they spend time doing? Where do they go for inspiration? Where do they go to find help? Where do they build a community?

It is important to understand the ways each generation connects with others and how this plays such a huge part of reaching your target audience.  Younger generations are spending a great deal of time on social media. And not just to watch videos, look through pictures, watch tutorials, etc. They use social media almost as an alternative to search engines. To meet people, get inspired, make connections within their community. Social Media is a go-to for GenZ-ers and Millennials to seek information all about somewhere they may want to check out (restaurants, shops, etc.). 

Social media allows you to make your presence known. It allows you to spread awareness about who you are, what you do, and how you are helping your community. Getting your name out there (even before someone might be looking for what you have to offer) allows you to make those connections, offer inspiration, encourage, and educate others. 

Some ways to see if you are successful in the social media piece of your marketing campaign include:

  • Asking on surveys how others heard about you.
  • Starting a focus group with individuals in the age range of your target audience to gather feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in this area.
  • Asking family and friends that are in the age range of your target audience to take a look at your social media accounts and let you know how you are doing. 

A few things to remember when it comes to your social media accounts:

  • Post often!
  • Keep things looking fresh and consistent.
  • Follow other organizations within your community to make connections.
  • Share your social media accounts in other areas of your marketing.
  • Keep posts/content neutral keeping in mind who your target audience is. 

Social media allows for so much opportunity – So take advantage of all that is has to offer! Don’t hesitate to reach out if our team can be of assistance. 

Don’t forget – You’re doing great!!







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